Monthly Archives: March 2013

We Need More Information to Migrate to the USA from Mexico.

“Extremely difficult.” That’s how a member of Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity described last year’s caravan through the USA. Why? Because unlike in Mexico where the whole country has faced the repercussions of the drug war’s violence in one way or another, the population that the caravan encountered in the USA was […]

The “Nescafe” Bean

This post is about a bean that my friend gave me. It’s known by people in Chiapas as the “Nescafe Bean.” Chiapas is a coffee-producing region, growing lots of the delicious stuff that the lucky few drink at our favorite cafés. But people there don’t drink that. Most of the coffee I’ve had in Mexico […]


I took this picture from a bus, in the southern outskirts of Mexico City. About 22 million people live in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. The population of the Federal District itself (what we think of as Mexico City proper) is about 9 million, but it swells to 13 million on a daily basis with […]

Faro Tláhuac

I recently stumbled into a community center in Mexico City that really impressed me. I was spending the day with a friend who has a solar panel installation company and who is developing an organization that promotes sustainability by offering training, advice and installation of renewable energy technology. It will also conduct research and development […]