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Celebrating Independence in “La 72”

On the night of September 15th Mexicans celebrate “El Grito de Dolores,” the sometimes-rebel priest Miguel Hidalgo’s cry for freedom that, according to tradition, fueled the flames of an independence movement in 1810. Central American countries share a similar independence holiday, so it makes sense to honor the day with a party at the Hogar […]

Expats: US-Mexico Migration the Other Way

I’d heard lots of wonderful things about San Miguel de Allende. Mostly that it’s beautiful. I’d also received an open invitation to stay at a friend’s family home there, which by itself was enough to make me want to go. But the more I heard about San Miguel de Allende, the more I became interested […]

A Model Migrant

“I know it’s illegal, and I don’t like that. But I’m obligated to do it.” Have you ever heard of the experiment where a child is left in a room with a marshmallow and promised two marshmallows if they don’t eat the first one for fifteen minutes? I know I’m just guessing, but based on […]

Don Ramón

“They became furious.” To say that “they became furious” falls far short of foreshadowing what the Mara-18 gang did to Don Ramón and his family. But let me introduce you to Don Ramón, because he’s a wonderful man. Don Ramón was born 58 years ago in a small town in Honduras. His father passed away […]

Hotel Migrante

It was just past midnight when the plane landed. Mario and I had been waiting for over an hour, and finally we could see a line forming inside the Mexican immigration office. I watched as the recent arrivals, mostly young men, had their pictures taken and received a piece of paper. Official documentation in hand, the […]

No Olvidados

There is a place in the desert where the U.S. Border Patrol takes undocumented migrants who they can’t deport. There are over 600 of them there now, and they will remain under six feet of U.S. soil until someone comes to take them home. Being identified only as John or Jane Doe and a numbered […]


My journey southward has begun, and throughout California’s coast are constant reminders of the connections between Latin America and the United States. Besides the obvious low-hanging fruit of Spanish place names, a few things have caught my attention. At Linnaea’s coffee shop on my last morning in San Luis Obispo, I was thumbing through a […]