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Expats: US-Mexico Migration the Other Way

I’d heard lots of wonderful things about San Miguel de Allende. Mostly that it’s beautiful. I’d also received an open invitation to stay at a friend’s family home there, which by itself was enough to make me want to go. But the more I heard about San Miguel de Allende, the more I became interested […]

Small Change or a Smile: Freestyling in Mexico City

One of the ways that the USA has influenced Latin America and the rest of the world is through its music. It’s true that US culture has flooded other parts of the world more than they have flooded each other in the last century, but music is rarely adopted without adding local flavor. Musical hybridization […]


Neza York. Arabronx. Xochihouston. Sound somewhat familiar? Mexicans have an affinity for wordplay. They mix and mash their words up, they make lots of puns, and they have a very, ahem, rich tradition of albures, or double-entendres. Of course, for a word or a concept to enter Mexican wordplay with any degree of efficacy, it […]

Faro Tláhuac

I recently stumbled into a community center in Mexico City that really impressed me. I was spending the day with a friend who has a solar panel installation company and who is developing an organization that promotes sustainability by offering training, advice and installation of renewable energy technology. It will also conduct research and development […]

We Make Our Way by Walking

Al andar se hace el camino. (We make our way by walking.) -Antonio Machado After work last week I rushed over to the library in San Francisco’s Mission District to work on my blog. I’ve been trying to launch it for some time now – fussing over what it should be about, reading old textbooks […]