There is a place in the desert where the U.S. Border Patrol takes undocumented migrants who they can’t deport. There are over 600 of them there now, and they will remain under six feet of U.S. soil until someone comes to take them home. Being identified only as John or Jane Doe and a numbered […]

My journey southward has begun, and throughout California’s coast are constant reminders of the connections between Latin America and the United States. Besides the obvious low-hanging fruit of Spanish place names, a few things have caught my attention. At Linnaea’s coffee shop on my last morning in San Luis Obispo, I was thumbing through a […]

A group of Central American women is making its way North through Mexico. Unlike most groups of Central Americans moving that direction, these women aren’t on their way to the United States in search of a way to support their family or to escape from a region plagued by violence, poverty and corruption. But at […]

Al andar se hace el camino. (We make our way by walking.) -Antonio Machado After work last week I rushed over to the library in San Francisco’s Mission District to work on my blog. I’ve been trying to launch it for some time now – fussing over what it should be about, reading old textbooks […]